I have a brain, but that doesn’t make me a Brain Surgeon!

Have you ever had the same conversation over and over?

That drives me bananas! 

For me, those conversations often start with: 

“I read an article that said…”

“My mom/dad/aunt/neighbor/best friend’s cousin, etc. told me…

“That popular career expert says…”

Then, they inevitably finish their sentence with something like:

“...job hunting is a numbers game. Just apply to as many jobs as possible, that way you increase your chances of getting hired.”

“...always sell yourself! All the time. To everyone.”

“...remember to ask people to keep their “eyes peeled for you.”  

Lastly, "Just follow your passion." OR "Just be practical and pay your dues!"

UGH. Really?! UGH.  

If following any of that advice actually worked, it would NOT take the typical jobseeker six to nine months  to land their next gig today! Here’s why it's bad advice: it’s often coming from people who aren’t actually experts in today’s employment market.

As a result, they’re giving you outdated advice; out-of-sync with how hiring happens now.



Usually, people giving this advice sound so confident--like they really know what they're talking about. And if they're confident of their advice, we should be too, right? Actually, NO. It’s not right. It’s wrong. Really, really wrong.

Truthfully, most people aren't trying to give you out-of-date and ineffective advice. Yet, they often have the misguided idea that just because they have a job, that somehow qualifies them to give job search advice to others.

Triple UGH. Having a job doesn’t make you an expert on job search!

That’s like saying that just because I have a brain, I qualify as an expert in brain surgery. Or because I have a car, I’m a qualified mechanic and can fix your car when it’s broken down...ummm…nope!

Know a good mechanic???

Know a good mechanic???


This is what drives me to do the work I do as a Career Coach. I’m on a mission to show you what actually works to land work NOW. With more than 15 years in employment and staffing, HR, Recruiting, and Career Consulting, as well as a Masters Degree in Career Development, I bring breadth of knowledge to my work, as well as actual expertise in today’s rapidly changing world of work. In fact, I’ve seen how hiring happens from every angle, and I want you to learn from my experience! 

For that reason, I’m excited to announce the launch of my new website: www.ericagolden.com!

I’ve created the content of this website, my books, apps (coming soon!) and all the career coaching, teaching, and speaking that I do, just so you can have the latest and best job hunting and career advice available! In addition to my own content, I'll share other top career resources available now. In fact, I’ll always share “the best of the rest” with you. I will also have regular Q&A sessions (coming soon!) with thought leaders in the new “world of work” space, as well as webcasts to walk you step-by-step through the top "tips, tricks & tactics" to help you with the process of finding work today.  

I can't wait to hear your thoughts as we launch the new site, (www.ericagolden.com) and I look forward to much more connecting in the days to come! 


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