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See what my clients are saying...

Erica has a well thought-out, structured approach for a person who is considering a career change or move, but isn’t sure how to go about it.

Erica helped me answer questions about what my talents are, what I’m interested in and what my priorities are. With these questions answered, Erica worked with me to help me formulate a professional resume and LinkedIn presence and from there guided me on how to navigate the new world of careers in the Bay Area.

Whether you think you know what to do or not, you should at least have an initial consultation with Erica. You won’t be disappointed.
— B.P., Business Development
Erica brings to bear a unique intersection of business expertise and cognitive psychology in her career coaching. This means you get simplified frameworks for doing the work to uncover your career potential...behind the frameworks lies real depth of understanding and a clear passion for the science of motivation and success. I still refer to the frameworks Erica equipped me with and am really grateful that our sessions could be both practical, and deep.

Ultimately, Erica helped take me through a self-directed process of uncovering exactly what I wanted to be doing, and a clear path to head down in order to move into the future.
— M.M. Finance Executive
After working with a few career resource centers and getting no interviews, Erica brought a completely different approach to my job search. She helped me re-evaluate my career goals and restructure my resume to fall in line with them. She provided a modern take on the ever-changing job search landscape, and helped me attain the skills I’ve needed to successfully network and interview. I’m very grateful for Erica’s expertise and invaluable encouragement.
— J.G., Product Manager
I really enjoyed my time with Erica. I found her sessions to be extremely beneficial and relatable. Erica helped me put together a real, actionable plan to my career search and refined my interview approach. I would recommend her coaching to anyone at any career stage.
— K.F., Client Success Manager
Thanks to the excellent career coaching I’ve received from Erica Golden, I have successfully launched into a new career. Erica has taught me invaluable techniques in resume writing, social media branding, and interviewing, and has taught me how to pinpoint my career interests and “go for it.” To this day, Erica’s career coaching continues to have a very powerful, effective, positive impact that yields successful results with my career development. Her work is amazing, and her material really works!
— D.L., Human Resources
Erica and I have worked together on a couple of occasions since 2010. In both instances I was managing career transition after a layoff. Her advice and coaching focuses on helping a candidate find a position where they are able to do what they are passionate about. She helped me answer the big question of, “what do I want to do?” Through Erica’s coaching I was able to develop a more cohesive resume and presentation for an interview. Additionally, Erica helped me find my own confidence to pursue my goals
— J.B., Manufacturing Engineer
Erica provided me a very successful and positive plan, process and coaching that includes self-reflection, branding, and a targeted approach. It allowed me to find a new opportunity in another industry doing what I love and what I am most successful at. I highly recommend Erica.
— K.N. , Telecommunications Director
Erica helped me get out of my own way and approach an overwhelming career transition from a perspective of generosity and growth. Focusing on how I can help people feels natural, joyful and generous — and I’ve found all sorts of cool opportunities...
— L.F., User Experience Researcher
…The valuable advice you gave me was to find the problem the employer is trying to solve…that was the key to me landing the position.
— R.S., Senior Account Executive
From a clear, clean, and concise resume, to problem-solving challenges at work, Erica has taught me how to thrive in the modern workplace. Erica has helped me to transform my job to a career I love doing. Thank you so much!
— R.O., Health Professional
I want to thank you for all that you have done to help me make my resume how it is today.
— K.C., IT Technician
I was really pleased to come away from Erica’s classes with fresh, new information for fine tuning my resume, and new tools for enhancing my job search…I’m now inspired to move my job search to the next level!
(Thanks, Erica.)
— S.W., Technical Writer
I want to express many, many THANKS to you for your support and your direction helping me to be successful…
— L.A., Healthcare Professional
My appointment was amazing. Erica was positive and challenging throughout the entire process. I would (and will!) definitely be booking her services again in the future.
— J.S., Public Relations Professional