How to Hack the Job Hunt…with your RESUME!

How to Hack the Job Hunt…with your RESUME!

So…how’s your resume looking these days?

Does the idea of writing (or revising it again) make you cringe?

Do you wish someone would just do it for you?!?

I get it. I really do. Trust me. I’ve been right where you are.

I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of resumes during my career—my own, as well as many of my career coaching clients’—and I know how deeply frustrating it can be!

Pros and Cons of Job Hopping

A variety of forces combined to change the workplace landscape.  The internet – the great disruptor – removed territorial boundaries and created global competition. The recession added a powerful body blow. Younger employees entered the workplace with radically different views regarding the role of work and the importance of work-life balance.This environment gave rise to the increasingly common practice of job-hopping.

Mining the MOOC: HR Looks to Online Courses to Recruit and Retain Talent

Mining the MOOC: HR Looks to Online Courses to Recruit and Retain Talent

(Skilled Up Article)

Can MOOCs help companies recruit and retain employees?

This idea is gaining currency in corporate America, thanks to high-profile announcements from AT&T and Starbucks this summer.

“This will widen the pipeline of STEM-trained talent,” says AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson of the company’s new “nanodegree” with Udacity, one of the pioneers of the Massive Online Open Course platform.

Looking for Purple Squirrels? Try a 'MOOC'

Looking for Purple Squirrels? Try a 'MOOC'

(Guest post from The Staffing Stream)

If your recruiting team is like most today, you have countless job orders going unfilled. Why?

One reason is that more and more employers are looking for that perfect “Purple Squirrel” candidate — the one with the exact qualifications, education, salary expectations, and soft skills desired; and they’re not hiring until they find them.

The “MOOCs” solution
MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are large online college classes available for little or no cost, and open to anyone interested worldwide. Courses are typically taught by star faculty from top-tier universities like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, CalTech, and UT Austin. Since the term was first coined five years ago, MOOC companies like CourseraUdacity, and EdX have enrolled more than 5 million students in assorted IT, business, math, science, humanities and arts classes. As a result, these online courses have been disrupting academia and capturing headlines as the biggest innovation in education for this era.

So what does this mean for Staffing?