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“Quite simply, the BEST resume book I have ever seen or read. Absolutely brimming with genius, yet so SIMPLE, so CLEAR and so understandable, relateable and entertaining!”
— Marky Stein, Author: "The Ten Minute Career Coach" (2017) and recognized by as “One of the Nation’s Top Career Experts” in 2015.


Write Resumes that Get Results...Right Now!©

  • Are you overwhelmed at the thought of creating or updating your resume?
  • Have no clue where or how to start?
  • Do you wish someone would just do it for you?

Don't worry! I’ll walk you step-by-step through the latest tips, tricks, tools and techniques to craft a modern resume that "hacks the job hunt."  Featuring:

  • Easy-to-complete madlibs & "fill-in the blank" templates for each section of your resume 
  • Instructions for what you MUST include & what to leave OFF to catch the reader's eye
  • Multiple examples from recently successful job hunters' resumes

The book is filled with up-to-date insights and presented in 3 streamlined steps, so by the time you're done with the book, you'll have a resume ready-to-go!

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Your book is great! I just finished steps 1 and 2, and drafted those parts of my resume...on to step 3!
— G.B., Management Consulting Executive
Shortly after applying the techniques detailed in “Resumes that Hack the Job Hunt,” I started getting hits, which led to multiple offers, and a new career shortly after.
— -J.N., Program Manager
Precise, informative and results oriented...the 3 key steps have useful examples, illustrations, and valuable resume template included.
— S.K., Product Development
It’s got a very encouraging tone...and reads easily.
— R.G., Health Researcher


Coming SOON...

The ART OF EMPLOYABILITY©                                                                                                

A comprehensive, one-of-kind guidebook for navigating the modern job hunt.


  • Proven search strategies, targeted techniques, and science-based practices aligned with today's workplace and how hiring happens now
  • Free resume templates, cover letter examples, and networking email samples & scripts
  • Downloadable worksheets for SEO-optimized resumes and LinkedIn profiles

Learn how to:

  • Discover the #1 mistake that modern job hunters make, and the secret to overcoming it
  • Find your fit, and target your “Job Search Sweet Spot” 
  • End unproductive networking & use the “3 Keys to Connect”—with the click of a button!

See what readers are saying: 

Your material really puts a positive and fun approach into seeking a job, minus the fear! It connects one directly to one’s skills, and it tells employers, “This is what I have to offer you as your next new employee!” Because of all you have taught me, I am having more fun with the job search process and interviewing than I ever have in my life.
— D.L., Human Resources

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A full suite of mobile Apps are coming your way soon to help you manage the modern job hunt!