Harnessing the Power of Helping

Here’s the bottom line: When you’re looking for work, you’re just looking for people you can HELP.

People hire other people to help them solve problems.

That’s why "Help Wanted" signs exist!

Sound obvious? Maybe, but job seekers rarely approach their search from this angle.

Even if you know that getting hired is fundamentally about what you can contribute to an organization, helping runs much deeper than a few choice words in your cover letter, or a list of accomplishments on your resume.

We, as humans, are hard-wired to help each other, and when you make this your focus, you change every aspect of your job hunt because you can begin harnessing the power of helping!

This is the key to understanding how hiring really happens, and the "secret sauce" to finding, landing, and sustaining good work today.

Truthfully, it’s crucial that you make this fundamental FLIP in your mindset from what help you can GET from those hiring, to what help you can GIVE to those hiring.

It’s the only way you can be effective and efficient, and ultimately, successful in building sustainable career success and security in today’s rapidly evolving workplace.

I designed my proprietary Art of Employability system on this key concept, in order to help you harness the power of helping for creating sustainable career success, and to flip the entire job search process upside down so that it can actually be easy, enjoyable...and even empowering!

The Art of Employability™ model is broken into four steps: LEARN – LAUNCH – LAND – LEAD.


Simple AofE picture.png

The model is built on efficient, effective, and an entirely evidence-based approach to modern careers—focusing only on what truly works to find, land, and sustain good work now, all in four surprisingly simple steps.

This step-by-step system also provides a proven, easy-to-use framework, as well as up-to-date techniques, tools, and tactics to help you navigate modern career transitions in an ever-evolving employment landscape, so you can go from lost to landed now!

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