What makes this system and Erica's coaching programs different?

  • My coaching system and style are entirely actionable, practical, instructional and aspirational, as well as up-to-date and aligned to the New World of Work. So you can thrive now + in the future!


  • I offer modern employability best practices in a simple and straightforward way, so you can actually implement what you’ve learned easily and effectively.


  • You’ll gain instant access to my portfolio of top career tools, resources, templates, worksheets, and technologies to help you succeed in today’s workplace.


  • After learning my 4 Step model, you’ll be leagues ahead of others who cling to old notions about careers, job hunting, and work. 
  • You’ll be faster, stronger and better at figuring out your next step, and you’ll discover how to own your employability over your lifetime, so you always have the power to achieve your career goals.
  • I'm effective working with senior executives, line leaders, and individual contributors, as well as across industries, geographies, and cultures, and educational levels 
  • I'm a Certified Coach and Masters-level Career Consultant, and twice earned the highly respected SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) certification.
  • I've spent more than two decades as a trusted advisor to the C-suite, sharing my expertise with evolving leaders, aligning individuals and organizational agendas to drive and sustain performance.


Do your systems, services, programs and tools really work?

  • I’ve worked with >5,000 clients over 15+ years successfully using my proven process and curriculum in multiple venues. Clients consistently give me the highest ratings allowable in their evaluations. 
  • More than 90% of my private practice clients achieve their career goals as a result of the work we do together.
  • Coaching clients consistently report that I explain the modern employment landscape to them in a way that helps them to succeed in their career goals and thrive in the new work era we’re all in. 


Is there research to show the ROI of coaching?

  • Coaching is a proven profession, with studies showing that business coaching for top executives at large companies yields 5-7x the company’s initial investment.









Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

  • If you’re not satisfied with your experience of this program, I will refund your money 100%.
  • I do require that you complete the entire purchased program(s) and all assignments before submitting a refund request. Why? Because experience has shown that when you go through the process, there can be ups and downs. However, my coaching programs are designed to get you through the “bumps” if you do all the work required. If you do, I believe you’ll make real progress towards achieving your professional goals. 
  • So, if you do the work, and don’t see real progress or value, I'll refund your fees in full. 
  • Discounts are also available for active-duty military, veterans, military dependents + long-term unemployed. Contact me for more information.  










How do you "find your fit" with a Career Coach?

  • Here's a great article that explains what to consider when hiring a Coach: Find the Career Coach Who’s Right for You
  • Interview more than one coach--usually by phone. It's okay! Really. Coaches are used to being interviewed, and an introductory conversation like this is usually complimentary.
  • Discuss your goals for coaching and ask how the coach would specifically help you reach them. 
  • Talk with the coach about what to do if there's an "exit strategy" if the things don't go well.
  • Make sure there's agreements up front on how to handle questions or issues if they arise.
  • Remember that coaching is a ongoing partnership, so be sure to speak up if you have concerns.
  • Then enjoy the experience and the results!